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P600 Rated Power 600W 578Wh

date:2023/1/13 views:1038

pecron P600

Charging Time: 2-3H

Charging Type: AC Charging(DC29.4V9A Max); Solar Charging(Voltage 18V);Car Charging

AC Output: AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz ( Pure sine wave)

Output Power: Rated Power 600W; Peak Power 1200W

DC Output: DC12V10A (Cigar Port) ;USB QC3.0*2 ; Type-c*2

Battery Capacity: 578Wh (25.2V22.95Ah)

Battery: Li-ion(80%@1000Cycle)

Product Dimension: L280×W152×H225mm

Net Weight: 5.9Kg

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